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How can the ordinary computer keyboard be enhanced and perfected? A new key layout? Yes, QWERTY is not optimal when it comes to typing speed, but it is the layout we’re all used to. It is hard to change a lifelong habit, not to mention to get used to switching between different layouts at work, at home, and at public places like Internet cafes, etc. New multimedia buttons? There are already a whole lot of them. Expensive keyboards look like a starship control board with buttons and wheels just for everything. There even exist keyboards with trackballs and touchpads.

But Logitech has got something to amaze the public with. They have released the G15 Gaming Keyboard which is not just a quantitative but in many respects qualitative leap over the competitors.

Today we are going to take a close look at this solution. Let’s get started!

Closer Look

The first thing that strikes you in this device is the large LCD display at the keyboard’s back. Then, there are three blocks of buttons to the left of the keyboard’s mainland that do not look like typical multimedia buttons; they are 18 in total and are numbered from G1 through G18. And finally, the keys begin to glow with a mild blue light on your connecting the keyboard to the PC. A technically advanced user will refuse to be shocked at all that, however, because this could have been seen before. The diNovo keyboard had an LCD display, too, and there are additional buttons on almost each keyboard priced higher than $5. And the highlighting is nothing really new, either. Well, that’s true, but it is in the G15 that all these things are implemented perfectly, that’s why I’m talking about a qualitative difference from the competitors – it is not just an additional dozen of buttons and a useless screen to show the room temperature. I’ll discuss all that below in more detail. Right now let’s take a look at the G15 in general.

The keyboard is large, both in depth (due to the flip-back display and multimedia buttons) and in width (due to the blocks of programmable buttons on the left). The design of the main field is Logitech’s traditional one, with a short left Shift and a vertical Enter. They didn’t experiment with Insert and Delete – you’ll find these buttons in their traditional place. The layout depends on the region the keyboard is intended for, so it may differ between samples of the G15 designed for different countries.

The case of the G15 is made out of black and silver plastic. The black plastic is somewhat rough to the touch. There is a detachable hand-rest (your hands should be lifted up above the desk when you are typing text, and the hand-rest is only intended to give your hands a rest place during pauses in work), but it makes the keyboard bulky.

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