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The Logitech G15 is a very exciting device whose actual capabilities even go beyond the scope described in the manufacturer’s official advertising materials, which is a rare thing indeed.

Besides just being a good keyboard, the G15 features superbly designed highlighting of the keys, a multifunctional LCD screen that not only displays some information (and this would already be good enough), but allows to directly interact with the display plugins irrespective of what application is launched at the moment. And finally, the G15 offers programmable buttons that implement almost everything you could ever dream of like recording macros on the fly without taking your hands off the keyboard, broad opportunities of control over the macros (you can even record delays between events), programming any keyboard and even mouse event, assigning a profile (which can contain three groups by 18 macros in each) to the active application, and manual switching between three groups of macros at any moment.

Logitech positions the G15 as a gaming keyboard and its screen as a means of displaying crucial in-game information. This is not exactly so. I have shown in this review that the G15 with its macros and LCD display can have a lot of other applications besides games. As for games, the keyboard’s screen should rather be used to show secondary information or even information from auxiliary utilities. When used this way, the keyboard proves to be very helpful. It frees up some room on the main monitor and allows to quickly get necessary information when you really need it.

The G15, the keyboard itself and its software, leaves an impression of a very thought-through product. With all the abundance of capabilities, there is no excessive sophistication. Everything can be done in just a few steps with this keyboard. Such actions as writing macros may be performed at different levels of complexity, from entering the sequence of keystrokes manually in the Macro Manager to just typing a macro on the keyboard while playing a game.

The keyboard is currently selling at $90 and is not going to get much cheaper in near future. Well, the G15 offers a lot of unique capabilities, so it just doesn’t have any competitors as yet.

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