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I long wanted to buy a cordless mouse. One easily gets used to the tail of the ordinary mouse and doesn’t take much notice of it, but it is only with a cordless mouse that you have that feeling of absolute freedom of movement.

This cannot be described in words, you have to try it by yourself. Of course, it must be a good mouse, not one of those cheap no-name products every computer shop offers in abundance. Being quite happy with a good corded Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical, I had never used one, but I had seen what becomes of such no-name mice after some use: always depleted batteries, wobbly buttons, a barely controllable pointer…

Despite my long-time desire, I couldn’t get determined enough to make the purchase. You don’t often buy computer mice costing over $100, after all. I was looking at the price-lists, but the prices didn’t want to go down. I was feasting my eyes on colorful pictures at the manufacturer’s website and reading exciting texts that described the product’s capabilities. And one day I just bought a cordless laser mouse called Logitech MX Revolution.

Appearance and Capabilities

The box looks impressive and contains the following:

  • Cordless laser mouse Logitech MX Revolution
  • Docking station for recharging the mouse
  • AC adapter
  • USB receiver
  • CD with Logitech SetPoint software
  • User manual

The Logitech MX Revolution looks cute and lies smugly in the hand, although I would prefer it to be taller and humpbacked. But this is a matter of personal taste after all. Some people may find the mouse rather too large as it is.

Why is it called Revolution? You can’t surprise anyone with an abundance of buttons and an ergonomic shape today, so what’s so revolutionary about it? It’s all about the wheel which is quite uncommon in this mouse.

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