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The MicroGear wheel is revolutionary because it works in two modes. The first mode allows to scroll as usual by 2-3 lines depending on the driver settings, but in the second mode the wheel is rotating freely, something that other computer mice cannot do. You may think this is not sufficient to be regarded as a revolution, but this mode is indeed very helpful. You spin up the wheel and the long article or document is being scrolled down rapidly before your eyes. You can stop instantly at any place and, if necessary, switch the wheel into the traditional step-by-step mode.

You can switch from one mode to another by pressing the wheel, but there is SmartShift technology that frees you from this simple job even. The software identifies the currently active application and automatically selects an optimal wheel mode. For example, the step-by-step mode is enabled by default for Excel, but the free rotation mode is turned on automatically as soon as you switch to your Web-browser.

On the left, near the user’s thumb, the Logitech MX Revolution has Forward and Backward buttons and a Quick-Flip wheel. This is actually a 3-position button that is designed like a wheel for the sake of convenience. By default, it works like the Alt-Tab shortcut to switch between the open application windows. You move this wheel-button to choose an application and press it to make the application active.

The mouse’s movements are being tracked by a high-precision laser with a wavelength of 848 nanometers. A very small USB receiver, the size of a flash drive but thinner, is communicating with the mouse at a frequency of 2.4GHz, which provides a faster and more reliable connection than the typical frequency of 27MHz.

The most useless, in my opinion, button is located near the top wheel. It is called One-Touch Search. This button allows to search the selected word with a specified Web search engine.

The indicator of the charge level of the built-in battery shines at work. The battery recharges quickly and lasts for long, and the docking station looks very elegant and stylish. It will itself be an ornament of your desk.

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