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Now it’s time to review the software the Logitech MX Revolution is controlled with. The enclosed CD contains the SetPoint program that allows to set up the mouse flexibly for various modes and applications.

When I was describing the buttons, I mentioned their default functions, but SetPoint allows to redefine them as you wish. You should find the necessary button in the list – it is then highlighted in red on the picture on the left – and select the desired function. Note that SetPoint can set the mouse up independently for different applications. You can assign a certain function to a button for all applications at once or select the necessary program from the list in the bottom left. If there is no such program there, you should choose it manually.

As a result, buttons can perform different functions in different applications. Just don’t get confused yourself.

The lists of functions SetPoint offers for the mouse’s buttons differ. The screenshot above shows a rather long list of functions for the One-Touch Search button whereas the Quick-Flip wheel can either perform its default function or zoom in and out.

I learned later, though, that the current list of settings is stored in the user.xml file which you can edit manually. You can write a necessary function into that file manually, and SetPoint will do what you want.

The second screen of the SetPoint program contains pointer speed settings.

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