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The main reason why I have nearly no doubt about the future success of the GeForce 3D Vision glasses is that they are compatible with graphics cards and monitors from different manufacturers. As opposed to the competing technologies such as Zalman Trimon and iZ3D, you don’t have to compromise, choosing a monitor out of two models that only differ with screen size and have unassuming exterior design. Even today, the two major monitor makers Samsung and ViewSonic have provided GeForce 3D Vision compatible products. It means that Nvidia has found an understanding among first-tier manufacturers and we will surely see such monitors from other brands, especially as there is nothing technically complex about them.

And contrary to the products from Zalman and iZ3D, you don’t even have to buy such a monitor especially for stereo glasses. As you know from our previous review, the Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ is quite an interesting monitor in itself for gamers as well as ordinary users. Besides the compatibility with stereo glasses, its 120Hz refresh rate ensures excellent smoothness of motion and considerably reduced visual artifacts together with a fast response time.

So, it is quite possible that in a few years many users will use GeForce 3D Vision compatible monitors without any stereoscopic glasses. It’s like with sound controllers that are currently integrated into every mainboard. You may not think about sound when purchasing a mainboard. But when you need to listen to music later on, you will only have to plug your speakers in. And the speaker set maker sells only speakers rather than some “hardware-based music playback system” that would make you upgrade/replace half of your computer.

And finally, the GeForce 3D Vision is compatible not only with monitors but also with TV-sets and even projectors. Although there are few such models available today, the manufacturers will be able to introduce stereo mode support quite easily. 120Hz LCD monitors have been produced for a long while already, and it only takes a small modernization of their electronics. Just imagine a true 3D picture on a 40- or 50-inch screen – what competing technology could match it?

The stereoscopic glasses are only available from Nvidia today, but it is not this company’s policy to promote ready-made solutions under its own brand. Therefore, I guess that the production and sales of the glasses will be offered to third parties for a licensing fee.

As for the quality of stereo mode support in different games, Nvidia’s position in the gaming world makes me optimistic. The company has an influence on game developers and experience of collaborating with them.

And what about the price factor? Well, the recommended price of the glasses is $200. A 22-inch monitor from Samsung will cost $400 more. This is about the same money as you are asked to pay for the competing products from iZ3D and Zalman but the latter are obviously inferior in their monitors’ exterior design and setup quality. So, Nvidia does not look advantageous in one case only: if you want to buy a few pairs of glasses. Even when the 3D glasses begin to sell apart from the transmitter, they will hardly be priced lower than $150.


  • Compatible with 120Hz monitors, TV-sets and projectors from any manufacturer
  • Monitors with stereo-mode support are superior to older 60Hz models even in 2D mode
  • Compatible with all graphics cards with Nvidia’s GPUs starting from the 8800 GT
  • Works at any display resolution supported by the monitor
  • Monitor’s full resolution is available in stereoscopic mode
  • No problems with color accuracy
  • Viewing angles in stereo mode are the same as in 2D mode
  • No doubling of the image in stereo mode
  • Multiple pairs of glasses can be used simultaneously


  • Rather high price
  • Noticeable flicker with a frequency of 60Hz
  • Incompatible with AMD/ATI’s GPUs
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