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Exterior and Interior Design

The NIA is shipped in a neat white cardboard box that shows a picture of the case that accommodates an amplifier, ADC and USB interface, but not a picture of the headset proper. So, the box gives no idea as to how this advanced biotechnology for games is supposed to work.

Opening the box up, you can see the neatly packed black interface case pictured on the box and the main component of the NIA – a headset with sensors.

Besides that, the box contains a USB cable, user manual, and CD with drivers. I advise you to download the latest version of the driver from the OCZ website as it is updated quite frequently.

The NIA sensors are placed on a rubber headset that you put on your head and fasten with a couple of laces at the nape of the neck.

This is a universal but not very handy fastening: if you’ve got a chair with a tall back, you won’t be able to lean back in it because the hard ball of the laces lock will press into the back of your head.

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