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Our site usually pays special attention to high-performance hardware for computer enthusiasts in the first place. However sometimes we veer away from this path and take a close look at devices that may hardly affect the system performance in any way, but may certainly be very interesting thanks to their original design or unexpected functionality.

Today we are going to tell you about a device like that: a new Optimus mini three keyboard designed by Artemiy Lebedev studio. If you have never come across this device, then I could briefly describe it as another USB gadget for your PC. However, unlike different gadgets currently available in the market such as USB ash-trays, heaters, vacuums, and the like, Optimus mini three can boast very distinct functionality. It is a small additional interactive three-key keyboard that not only allows programming these keys for different needs depending on the applications running on your PC, but can also display all sorts of useful information on these keys. So, each of the keys is equipped with its own small OLED display. As a result, Optimus three mini can be used as a tool panel, remote control unit, or status indicator (and display time or system status data) with static and animated images.

I have to stress that we are especially excited about the review of Optimus mini three solution as it was developed by our fellow countrymen from Russia :) Artemiy Lebedev Studio is the most well-known (and also the most expensive) Russian web-design studio that has recently started working on some industrial designs also. Optimus mini three seems to have been developed by this particular division. And of course, their primary focus when working on this product was on the idea and design implementation. Therefore, this solution has every chance to win the hearts of many computer users out there.

To tell you the truth, the first project this studio worked on that hasn’t been yet implemented in real life is the fully-functional 101-key computer keyboard with OLED screens inside all the keys. Actually there is nothing principally new about this approach. Different keyboard designers have been trying to introduce something like that since the last century. However, it was Artemiy Lebedev’s studio that were the first ones to suggest using high-quality multi-color screens inside the keys instead of dual-color indicators. I hope that the engineers will finally resolve the issue with the wiring location for the OLED screens for all 101 keys and this solution finally appears in stores. And no matter what the price is going to be, really.

So, Optimus mini three is a sort of a trial solution. However, it has every chance to become a commercial success. The thing is that it is not juts a funky gadget. It is a meaningful device that can be helpful in many cases. So, it will definitely find its user. And this number of users will definitely be quite high. Right now the device is selling for $160, and since it has already received very warm welcome and has been selling well, it is a clear indication of the potential success.

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