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First Impressions

Well, let’s take a closer look at Optimus mini three keyboard and what the user will actually get with it.

Optimus mini three keyboard is shipped in a small carton box and is accompanied with a small card.

The card reads that the detailed user guide and all the necessary software is available for download on a special web-site: So, before you can start using Optimus mini three you have to get online and download Optimus mini Configurator software.

As for the specification of this keyboard, it is 116x52x18mm big, and as you can see, its size is comparable to that of a regular cell phone for instance. It has three square keys 32x32mm big. The screens inside these keys are based on organic LEDs (OLEDs) and have visible area of 20x20mm. The supported resolution is 96x96 pixels, viewing angle equals 160o and each screen can reproduce up to 65,536 colors.

Optimus mini three can be connected to the computer via USB interface. It is compatible with USB 2.0 as well as USB 1.0 ports. The USB cable of the keyboard is 1.5m long, so you can use Optimus mini three at a certain distance from your PC.

Note that you need a system running Microsoft Windows to be able to use this keyboard. Right now it doesn’t support any other OS’s, as the drivers for these haven’t been finished yet.

The keyboard is available in two colors at this time: matt black and silver. We got hold of the first one. The casing as well as the transparent covers of the keys are plastic that feels very nice to the touch. However, unfortunately, the keys get dirty real quick and can be very easily scratched. Therefore, you should treat your Optimus mini three nicely.

The key strokes are very soft without any clicking or bouncing sounds. However, the key strokes do not lock well enough: if you hit the side of the key, the keyboard will not read it at all, because the keys in this case do not get pressed but simply get angled sideways. So, when you work with this keyboard you should aim for the center of the key at all times.

There are two rubber pads glued to the bottom of the Optimus mini three keyboard. They ensure that the keyboard will sit tightly on the desk and will not slide around.

All in all, the solution looks very nice and appealing. It is evident that not only engineers but also professional designers contributed to it. As a result, this keyboard looks very professional and is very different from all other USB gadgets manufactured from cheap Chinese plastic.

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