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The functionality of this keyboard is directly connected with Optimus mini Configurator that not only offers the basic functions but also allows adding user plugins to accommodate specific user needs. Thanks to this software the keys of Optimus mini three display the info that is directly related or not to the currently running application. Besides, Optimus mini Configurator coordinates the mini keyboard with the main keyboard, so that you could use Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys as well as their combinations to change the layout of the Optimus mini three keyboard at any time.

The developers imply that the functionality of their Optimus mini three keyboard should increase thanks to different software plugins created by third-party software developers. Therefore, Optimus mini three designers offer detailed description of the interface alongside with the implementation examples. This is the theory. And the reality is that third-party developers are not rushing to expand the functionality of Optimus mini three keyboard at this time. That is why all it can do right now is exactly what is provided by the standard plugin set included with Optimus mini Configurator.

Frankly speaking, there are not that many plugins available right now, and the functionality of the existing ones certainly leaves much to be desired. The current standard plugins can do the following:

  • Launch the selected application. The screen on the key displays the preset picture and text.
  • Perform standard operations with the Clipboard such as Cut, Copy and Paste. The screens on the keys display the corresponding static icons.
  • Emulate certain key combinations. The screen displays the preset picture and text.
  • Display certain image from a given web-address refreshed with preset regularity. By pressing the key you can go to the preset web-page.
  • Perform New, Save, Print tasks used in various editors. The screens on the keys will display the corresponding synthetic icons.
  • Serve as media application controls: forward/backward rewind, play/stop. The screens will in this case display the corresponding icons, track name and the progress bar.
  • Dynamically report the system status, such as CPU utilization and available memory.
  • Display the time, date and air temperature taken from the Internet on the OLED display.

All these plugins can be assigned to any applications installed onto the PC. The Optimus Configurator software allows implementing it without any hassle. Of course, it allows using Optimus mini three keyboard more efficiently.

Moreover, this utility allows setting global parameters for the keyboard, so that you could change the OLED functionality according to your needs and preferences.

All in all, the Optimus mini Configurator provides great means for personalization of Optimus mini three. However, some of the potential of this great keyboard remains untouched because the current plugin sets are not extensive enough. Although we hope that they will enlarge the supported plugin list significantly in the near future, especially with the plugins from third-party developers. Moreover, the Artemiy Lebedev’s Studio is also working on enhancing the Optimus mini Configurator software.

However, the software developers have enough work already even without these additional enhancements. Besides the goals already mentioned above, they are also working on increasing the stability of the Optimus mini Configurator. The thing is that this utility suffers from numerous problems these days. First of all, it is relatively unstable. The current version 1.26 has a few bugs that result into General protection fault and cause the keyboard to freeze. Unfortunately, we faced these issues quite a few times during our test session.

Moreover, Optimus mini Configurator turned out to be pretty resource hungry tool. It ate up to 10% of the CPU power on our test notebook computer equipped with Core 2 Duo T2400 CPU, which is quite a lot for a software tool working in the background mode, I should say.

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