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The Creative Prodikeys DM keyboard boasts the widest functionality, just don’t get confused. So let’s open up the big and colorful box to test the product in practice.

The package includes:

  • Prodikeys DM keyboard;
  • Prodikeys DM Palm Rest lid;
  • CD with drivers and software;
  • Quick Start brochure.

I should admit that Creative Prodikeys DM is quite comfortable as PC keyboards go. The keys are very soft; there are hot keys for the Internet and a bunch of programmable hot keys. The thing comes in two colors: black or beige.

The active MIDI keyboard has three levels of tactile sensitivity. In other words, the musical keys react differently to Hard, Soft and Normal strokes. You set up the sensitivity in the software.

The installation process is easy: plug the keyboard into the appropriate PS/2 port and install the driver and the exclusive software pack from the CD included with the keyboard.

After reboot, you will see a “Creative Prodikeys” entry in the Keyboards section of the Device Manager. Note that if you want to return to your standard PC keyboard, you roll back the Prodikeys DM driver first, otherwise the ordinary keyboard would refuse to work.

Now we have to discuss another aspect of Prodikeys DM: the software bundle accompanying it. Running a little ahead, I should say that the software guys from Creative were very scrupulous in their work.

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