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Double Fun: Funny Software

You activate the exclusive software by pressing the Music (Fun) button on your Prodikeys DM (it is the one marked with a note icon).

Select a device for MIDI playback

When you click the Device button in the lower right corner in each section, a menu appears where you select your MIDI playback device.

PentaTunes tab

The PentaTunes tab comes first. This section is intended for the most inexperienced user: whatever keys you punch, you get some music. You can play a melody using a five-tone, diatonic, jazz or chromatic scale, also with rhythm effects and various fill-ins.

Choose your style

You can select the arrangement style from nine basic categories: Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, New age, Oriental, Pop Dance, Pop, Rock and Shuffle. There are several styles available for each of the categories, which determine the special effects preset.

As you see in the screenshot, the three octaves of the MIDI keyboard in the PentaTunes mode include accompaniment effects. The first octave is the rhythm section, the second enables effects, and the third is responsible for filling-in instruments.

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