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FunTunes tab

The FunTunes section is just for fun, like the PentaTunes one. You can see it in the screenshot that the keys with assigned effects are marked with multicolored balls (other keys don’t work here). The effects themselves are split into five categories, each assigned a certain color: Drum, Bass, Accompaniment, Phrase and Effect. The game implies that you hit several keys at once trying to create some musical picture (hopefully, pleasant to your ears). Like with PentaTunes, you can select the arrangement style and the musical category. Some styles don’t allow using the full set of effects.

Intelligent tab

The Intelligent tab is the first more or less serious one. As you see, the main area has the layout of a keyboard where each horizontal row of keys is assigned a certain functional purpose. You select a key either with your mouse, or by pressing the key on the keyboard, which is very convenient. The first and third rows (“123..0” and “ASD..;”) determine the desired musical style, and the second row (“QWE..P”) offers you the selection of instruments you are going to play. The fourth row (“ZXC../”) sets up the tempo. You may have noted that Ins, Home and Page Up keys in the upper right corner are singled out. They set up the musical coloring of the composition. For example, if you are set to play something tearful, enable the Sad mode. Do likewise for playing Neutral and Happy melodies. The software will automatically select an appropriate accompaniment.

Select your genre

The choice of musical genres is not limited with one preset only, it would be too primitive. Just press the Voice Set button to enter the extended menu. For example, if you choose the 06_Waltz preset, the first and third rows of keys will only be for playing waltzes (so we’ve got 20 types of accompaniment!) Note that each selected composition starts out with its unique introduction and also has a beautiful ending (when you are tired of playing the melody, press the Space button for the composition to end up “logically”).

By the way, all tabs contain a “How to Play” button. Floating hints will explain you the meaning of each interface element. And one more thing: you can always save your melody in a file.

FixedChord tab

The FixedChord tab allows you to improvise to the orchestral accompaniment or… simply play your music!

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