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Learn tab

The Learn section may be interesting for both novices and professionals. At least, you can learn how to play notes here.

Choose and load your melody

In the Learn section you can select a melody from a list split into three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal and Difficult). Besides that, you can load up your own SEQ- and MIDI-files. The program will generate the notes for each selected melody. After each lesson, you get your score. The available samples can be complemented by the new melodies you download from the Internet (in the MIDI format or in the native format of the program). You can download additional or updated content from the Prodikeys website.

The marketing department of Creative was unsuccessful in finding a professional application for the keyboard. It may have happened because they considered the Learn section as just a playing ground for beginners. However, the note area should be highly interesting to a professional in the first hand. Those three octaves of the MIDI keyboard are quite enough for a pro (there are numerous two-octave models in the market still). With the previous model of Creative Prodikeys you shifted the playing range by an octave using the arrow keys, while Creative Prodikeys DM is equipped with special Octave Shift keys for this purpose (the manufacturer realized that some sequencer programs already have certain functions like transition to the previous/next note assigned to the arrow keys, so there would be a conflict if those keys were assigned one more function).

As for compatibility with third-party software, Creative Prodikeys DM supports the General MIDI standard and won’t refuse to cooperate with “advanced” sequencer programs like Cakewalk or Cubase.

Alternative notation – Jianpu

If you prefer the Chinese notation, you may find the Jianpu mode useful. Notes are represented by numbers: C is 1, D is 2, E is 3 and so on. You switch between the notations using the Display button.

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