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Perform tab

The Perform tab is nearly identical to Intelligent, only the musical coloring is different. Three keys (Happy, Normal and Sad) are responsible for that in the Intelligent mode, while the Perform mode has musical accords distributed among the functional keys. Thus, the Perform section is somewhat more advanced than Intelligent.

Select a category of instruments

You choose an additional musical instrument from the appropriate menu. The right part of the menu contains categories and the left part – instruments included into a category. It’s possible to assign an instrument to any key and save this change for the future needs.

Independent volume setup

You can control the general volume using a big and handy wheel on the keyboard. To adjust the volumes of Solo, Accompaniment, Bass and Drum parts independently, you enter this menu. It is required when the musical composition is unbalanced in volumes, or when the solo is too quiet.

I think Creative Prodikeys DM will become very popular. If you can’t make up your mind, just download videos in which Keith Washo demonstrates the capabilities of the keyboard. And here are demos of some musical instruments:

Besides that, the same website contains samples of MP3 files recorded using Prodikeys DM: “DJ Mix” and “Orchestra”.


Creative has started plowing the market of MIDI keyboards by offering its Prodikeys DM at a very appealing price. You don’t have to be a market researcher to see imminent price cuts for entry-level MIDI keyboards from other manufacturers, too. For example, there is already the cheapest three-octave MIDI keyboard from M-Audio, the eKeys 37, which is selling at $60. However, Prodikeys DM seems preferable due to its standard QWERTY layout, a handful of additional keys and wheels to control the tone and volume.

Overall, I was much pleased with the keyboard. It is a source of a lot of pure fun (I was laughing hard at some special effects). At the same time, I wouldn’t recommend it to every user, irrespective of his/her musical training. You do need some knowledge of music to get the most from Prodikeys DM.

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