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Well, I still think that a gaming mouse should not have side buttons at all as there is always risk of your pressing them accidentally when you lift the mouse up above the pad. So, I never use such buttons and when I saw these customizable buttons I regretted they hadn’t included a blank block without any buttons at all. This was possible with the Copperhead using the optional Pro Tools, but you would lose your warranty after installing such a block.

To replace the side panel, you should press the stiff button on the mouse bottom which will release a whole block at once:

This block is put back by simply snapping it in place.

The mouse stands on three Razer-styled Teflon feet which are just the right height here. The sensor is shifted closer to the rear part of the mouse, which is not as good as the central position. There is also a button to switch between five settings profiles that can be stored in the Habu’s memory. The switching is indicated in the same way as on the DeathAdder.

What’s Inside?

As I wrote above, the Habu is a Copperhead in a different case. So, it cannot surprise you if you’re familiar with the specs and behavior of the latter. If you are not, I’ll tell you the main points.

The Copperhead was the first mouse from Razer to have 32KB of integrated memory for storing five settings profiles available even without installing the driver (the driver installation is an issue with the Habu).

Like the Copperhead, the Habu is based on the first laser sensor from Razer, with a resolution of 2000dpi. Razer’s has specific pros and cons of all laser-based sensors. It offers:

  • Highest sensitivity (optical sensors haven’t yet hit 2000dpi)
  • Excellent operation on smooth surfaces
  • Small height sensitivity

On the downside, it has:

  • Much worse, in comparison with high-quality optical sensors, maximum movement speed
  • Poor operation on cloth or other rough-textured surfaces

As a matter of fact, the disadvantages of laser sensors are hardly perceivable for those who prefer high mouse sensitivity settings. Other gamers may find the mouse skipping even in simple gaming situations.

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