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The Habu’s USB connector is sealed with a green warning that you must install software from the included disc before connecting the mouse to your PC. This warning is not to be disregarded. Otherwise, “you’d want two university degrees to make out how to install the Habu driver” as someone wrote at a forum.

Strangely enough, the driver contains no mention of Microsoft. The Control Panel is designed in the Razer style and the mouse itself is called Razer Habu!

The Habu software doesn’t differ much from the above-described DeathAdder driver. You can define functions of all the seven buttons (the DeathAdder has five). The Glow-logo item is now called Glow-pipe. Instead of three resolutions you can choose from four now: 400, 800, 1600 and 2000dpi.


Razer may seem to have outwitted itself with the DeathAdder, having given the better device to Microsoft: the Habu has more buttons in total and allows replacing the side buttons. It has rubber inserts in the sides and less the destructible coating than on the DeathAdder. However, the laser sensor, despite the marketing advantage of a well-advertised technology, remains the weakest point of the Microsoft Habu, just like it was with the Copperhead. Well, The Copperhead has its admirers, too. So, if you’ve always wanted the Razer Copperhead but didn’t like its symmetrical shape, the Habu should suit you perfectly.


  • High resolution
  • Integrated memory for storing settings
  • Good buttons, especially the side ones
  • Convenient shape (you’ll love it if you like the MSIE 3.0)
  • Stylish design


  • Laser sensor doesn’t suit gamers who play at a low mouse sensitivity setting
  • Buttons coating wears off with use
  • Suitable for right-handed persons only
  • Problems with installing the driver
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