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Conclusion: DeathAdder vs. Habu

Telling you the truth, my first thought upon receiving the Habu (which was after I had used the DeathAdder for some time) and examining its design, specs and accessories was that Razer had outwitted itself and their best product was now selling under another’s brand. But I changed my opinion afterwards.

After comparing two such similar, but also such different, products, I strongly recommend the Razer DeathAdder for professional gamers. Just as I would have earlier recommended them to prefer the Diamondback to the Copperhead. It’s all about the innards: the 3G infrared sensor is a miracle whereas the laser sensor of the Copperhead/Habu can cause problems at sudden movements of the mouse.

On the other hand, if you just need a top-notch mouse for everyday work, or if you play games at a high sensitivity setting, the choice is not so obvious. I won’t judge the exterior design as this is a matter of personal taste and both devices are good in their own ways. The Razor has a somewhat more restrained appearance whereas the Microsoft looks more like a gaming product to me. The Habu has more buttons, a better coating, and customizable side buttons. The DeathAdder offers a more universal sensor, a legendary brand, and an eye-catching package design. The choice is yours.

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