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Of course, you can just connect the mouse to a USB port of your PC and start using it. I personally do not ever install exclusive mouse drivers, except for the purpose of testing. In this particular case, however, the exclusive driver provides much more control over the mouse.

The unmistakable Razer style is present, of course. The Control Panel of the DeathAdder driver is designed very aggressively. Yet it’s functional, too.

In the main window the function of each button is specified and the highlighting of the wheel and logo is controlled. You can also set up the USB port polling frequency (choosing from 125, 500 and 1000Hz) and the resolution (450, 900, 1800dpi). In this window too you can manage the contents of the profiles stored in the mouse’s own memory.

There are two tabs on the left that contain sensitivity options. On one of them you can specify sensitivity settings, wheel scrolling speed, minimum double-click speed, and on-the-fly sensitivity mode (instant sensitivity adjustment using the wheel).

The second tab offers separate sensitivity adjustment by X and Y axes and such options as acceleration and the pointer speed in Windows.

There is another tab on the right that allows to create macro-commands and assign them to the DeathAdder’s buttons.


On one hand, this mouse has not come to replace the Diamondback and Copperhead. Its main purpose is to extend Razer’s product range from the ergonomics standpoint and I have no complaints about the mouse’s exterior except for the wearing-off coating. Not all users liked the specific ergonomics of the previous symmetrical models expected to be held with fingers, and the DeathAdder will help attract new customers to Razer. However, the admirers of Razer’s classics may be somewhat disappointed. I would advise them to wait for a model with a 3G Infrared sensor in a classic design – Razer hasn’t announced one yet, but I guess it is going to appear sooner or later.

On the other hand, the DeathAdder is technically superb, so you may want to spend some time getting used to its ergonomics. The 3G sensor with infrared highlighting seems to really surpass the competitors’ products with both LEDs and lasers. The integrated memory for storing profiles adds to this picture: that’s a candidate for the Best Mouse of 2007!


  • Excellent sensor
  • Integrated memory for storing profiles with settings
  • Good buttons, especially the side ones
  • Convenient shape (you’ll love it if you like the MSIE 3.0)
  • Stylish design


  • Buttons coating wears off quickly
  • Scratches on the surface with the bottom panel
  • Suitable for right-handed users only
  • Needs some adaptation period if you switch to it from another Razer
  • May disappoint the admirers of Razer’s classic ergonomics
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