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Closer Look

Design and ergonomics are the areas where Razer is not to be excelled.

The case of this mouse has the classical outline, without any experiments with ergonomics. The MX310 from Logitech is a closest resemblance, but the two differ greatly in the feel anyway.

The bare minimum of the buttons – two plus the wheel – emphasizes the gaming targeting of the Viper. In games you usually use the main buttons only.

The two huge buttons take the biggest area of the device’s surface. A special mechanism developed for the Boomslang ensures the same sensitivity to your touch along the entire surface of the buttons. In other words, you can press anywhere with the same strength irrespective of how you hold the mouse in your hand.

The rubberized transparent insertions on the sides make sure the mouse doesn’t slip off your hand if you lift it above the pad. This invention is among the key features of the Viper, and a very practical and helpful one.

The top of the case with the colorful logo is made of dark translucent plastic the diode of the optical system blinks through. The second diode is located next to the translucent wheel.

The bottom surface is purely functional – black plastic and simple outline. Three Teflon legs are circle-shaped. The length of the mouse’s USB cord has remained the same since the Boomslang – a generous measure of seven feet or about 210 centimeters.

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