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Interior Design Peculiarities

For the computer mouse the optical resolution of the sensor, measured in dots per inch (dpi), is most important as it determines the positioning accuracy. Top models of optical mice from Logitech and Microsoft typically have a resolution of 800dpi while budget models come with a humble resolution of 400dpi. The Razer Viper features a 1000dpi sensor. The core of Razer’s devices is karna precision technology which allows for such excellent results. The old Boomslang already boasted an excellent precision and sensitivity, and the Viper inherited these traits fully, surpassing top-end optical mice from the competitors.

Razer doesn’t use copper bars to add weight as Logitech likes to do, so the mouse is initially very light. Some people prefer heavy mice, but light weight is overall good since your hand will tire less and your movements will be more accurate.


Installing the Razer Control Center the user gets access to exclusive functions like control over the mouse sensitivity in each application, so we strongly recommend you to use this driver. Without its specific driver the Razer Viper is identified by the system as “HID-compliant mouse”. It doesn’t affect the operation of the optics, but the additional functionality will be unavailable with the generic driver.

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