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Closer Look

Razer announced two versions of the Diamondback that differ in their appearance only. The Magma version is designed in a translucent case, while the Chameleon, like a regular chameleon, changes its color depending on your angle of view.

Razer got rid of the standby mode when the highlighting almost goes out – many users find this annoying. The Diamondback is always alight and ready to work.

Besides the purely functional purpose, the constant highlighting serves aesthetic means – the translucent case of the Magma looks magnificent with the red glow from inside. Like with the Viper, the second diode highlights the translucent wheel.

The overall design concept remains the same as in the Viper, but nearly every detail underwent revision. The case has a classic outline (it is longer than the Viper’s) but feels less usual in the hand, probably because of the material. Like the Viper, the Diamondback suits left-handed people.

For those who were not satisfied with the two buttons of the Viper (that was the main complaint about the previous generation of mice) Razer added four additional buttons on the manipulator’s sides. They are joined in twos and are placed symmetrically along the rubber edging around the device.

Alas, but two of the four additional buttons are practically useless as you can only press them with your ring and little fingers, which is exceptionally inconvenient.

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