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The traditionally large buttons have acquired a neater, even fanciful shape. Their surface has become profiled and anti-slippery. I guess the Diamondback has the most comfortable main buttons among all gaming mice.

The bottom of the device also drew the designers’ attention. Instead of the rough black plastic of the Viper, the same smooth translucent material as the top cover is made of is used here. The cross profile doesn’t only converge downwards – there are also additional grooves for your fingers below the rubber “belt”. The complex shape of the Teflon legs resembles the Boomslang.

And of course, we have the traditional extra-long (210 centimeters) USB cord here with a gold-plated connector.

Interior Design Peculiarities

The sensitivity of the optical sensor has been improved to 1600dpi to yield an impressive accuracy of positioning. This is 2-4 times better than the typical characteristics of optical mice (save for the original round-shaped RTR-720 Mark II, but this is quite a different story). The data-transfer rate is 6500fps or 5.8 megapixels per second. The data-transfer interface has also been perfected – the bus has a data path of 16 bits instead of 8 or 12 bits as usual and this allows to increase the accuracy even higher and to avoid some limitations peculiar to USB-interfaced mice.

There’s one more curious number in the official specification. It is not exceptional as the Logitech MX510 has the same parameter, but it’s just interesting to translate it into other measurement units. I mean the maximum acceleration the sensor can sustain. It is 15G, which is equivalent to acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in seven milliseconds! That’s impressive, isn’t it?

As you see, Razer doesn’t implement fashionable wireless technologies. The company’s opinion – many professional gamers agree with – is that a gaming mouse must be wired. Wireless data-transfer interfaces cannot yet compare to the traditional wired approach in the reaction time, and even a slight delay would spoil your efficiency in a serious play.

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