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Quake III Arena

Of course, Quake is a traditional gaming benchmark for evaluating the performance of any system. Quake III is an old game and it is now running fast even on computers with relatively old configuration, and the demonstrated fps rates are always above the accepted minimums.

As we see, the performance drops down in Quake III Arena not so greatly, as in Comanche 4 Demo. Although Revolution didn’t roll back to the very last position in the race having let Aureon “win” it, this card still failed to perform remarkably. From the practical point of view the minimal fps difference between the leader and the outsider doesn’t at all affect the gaming experience (if you are not a crazy Quaker, of course :)

We could certainly run much more gaming tests in order to evaluate integrally how big the performance reduction is, however, I guess Quake III will be more than enough to give you a very clear idea of what’s going on. But the next benchmark, we are going to discuss, was really worth dwelling on.

3DMark 2003

Our respects to 3DMark developers who bothered to include a chapter with audio subsystem tests into their benchmark set. The test scene represents an air combat; average FPS value is then calculated. There are three modes: No Sounds, 24 Sounds and 60 Sounds. Unfortunately, 3DMark 2003 found that only Creative cards can reproduce 60 sound sources. Here are the results:

So, Revolution 7.1 was the slowest card in the 24 sound sources test on our testbed. Aureon 7.1 Space did much alike – it is based on the Envy24HT audio controller, too. The small difference in their results may be assigned to differences in their drivers. Once again, if you use a more powerful CPU, the performance hit system suffers will be smaller and not that critical.

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