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As a result, the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the system feature
a dramatic drop between 1.5kHz and 4kHz.

The system is equipped with S5N-5 Hi-End low-frequency drivers 5.5 inches in diameter. The diffuser of this speaker is made of polypropylene on rubber suspension.

Low-frequency driver (woofer)


The diffuser is not too hard and features straight cone. In the middle of it there is corrugated plastic dust-protective cap. The loudspeaker excursion equals +/-4.5mm. It consists of large ferrite magnet (NdFeB), stamped frame and an inch coil. Its DC resistance is 5Ohm, and nominal power – 80W.

Thiele-Small parameters measurement.

Well, the system uses an excellent high-frequency driver with high sensitivity and low resonance. The total q-factor equals 0.36, and Bl/Mms ratio = 0.65, which is excellent result!

During the test session on Swans S200A our audio experts noticed pretty rough sounding of the tweeter with somewhat metallic shade. Vocals sound without the proper level of detail. The bass is quite deep, but lacks punch and foundation.

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