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The software from TerraTec is not that rich in various utilities as the Creative package coming with Audigy2, for example (see our Creative Audigy 2 Platinum Sound Card Review). You will only have to install from the included CD a driver and Aureon Control panel where you adjust settings not present in the standard channel mixer. The Control panel itself is divided into six functional sections.

Playback Section

Here you set the volume level for each of the eight speakers. It’s also possible to turn any of them off completely. These sliders do volume control and channel balance very discretely (you can easily perceive the stepping by the ear).

Sources Section

In this section the user sets different volume levels for sound sources and balances them with the faders. Interestingly, if you turn any of the playback sources off with the Mute button, it can still be used for recording (of course, if it’s selected in the Record panel).

Record Section

This window allows choosing a recording source. The Mix button allows recording signals from all analog sources simultaneously, mixing them up depending on the recording level set for each source.

Digital Section

This window keeps the settings for digital in- and output. Sampling frequency is usually adjusted automatically by the running application. Aureon doesn’t allow “locking” a selected frequency (unlike DMX 6fire, for example).

From the Digital window, you can go to setting the size of the ASIO buffer.

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