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Speaker Section

This window serves to configure the loudspeaker system. By the way, when you choose headphones, you hear quite clearly a click of the relay that turns on the preamplifier. This relay is placed on the PCB next to the line front-end output.

Here you can also activate the Sensaura mode, but this requires system re-boot.

Misc Section

This window contains info about the installed driver and Control panel versions as well as about the operation system and DirectX.

If you do not speak English, choose your favorite way of communication in the language menu.

Besides other things, you can select another color palette, if the default doesn’t look nice to you.

The driver, Control panel and electronic documentation sit on the CD next to the following software:

  • Cyberlink PowerDVD [v.4.0] – a DVD player;
  • Emagic Logic Fun [v.4.8] – a powerful MIDI/Audio sequencer;
  • MusicMatch Jukebox [v.7.1] – a multimedia file player;
  • Steinberg Wavelab Lite [v.2.0] – a digital editing program for audio-files;
  • Sensaura 3D Player [v.1.55] – a Sensaura audio player;
  • Sensaura Donuts [v.2.31] – a demo program;
  • Sensaura Athene [v.1.00.001] – a demo program;
  • Sensinfo [v.1.07.24] – info utility.

There is also a dozen of shareware demo programs on the CD. They are third-party software, so we won’t discuss them here.

Acoustic Systems for Aureon 7.1 Space

Creative Labs usually rolls out a new loudspeaker system for each new audio card. TerraTec, on the contrary, set its eight-channel Aureon 7.1 Space into a free sail. There is just no multimedia loudspeaker system of the 7.1 format in the market. They simply have not been made yet. Manufacturers involved are still thinking and watching sales results of the new generation audio cards. So, if everything goes right, we will surely see acoustic systems like that pretty soon. And it even depends on ourselves: if we buy these powerful sound cards really well, they will roll out eight-channel loudspeaker systems ASAP :).

In fact, the eight channels are only used to create theater-like environment when watching DVD movies. Computer games need no more than six-, or even five-channel systems. It’s the same George Lucas who’s stirring up trouble. Moreover, there is some intriguing info around that this guy has already made up a twelve-channel prototype (the 10.2 format!) in his country house. They don’t say anything definite about its getting into mass production, but we wouldn’t be surprised to meet such a system at the premier of the next “Star Wars” episode. So, the 7.1 format may turn out to have a shorter lifecycle than the 5.1. Actually, the paradox of this situation lies with the fact that the audio sources of the musical picture could be separated with the math1ematical modeling algorithms and not by simple increase in the number of active channels. But sound positioning algorithms are hard to develop and it usually takes quite a bit of time. Moreover, manufacturing companies are better off making and selling new loudspeaker systems.

One way or another, we had to test Aureon 7.1 Space and we chose Megaworks 510D and Creative Inspire 6700 systems. When listening to stereo music files, you turn on the Sensaura mode to engage the rear acoustic channels. This mode also should be on if you want to enjoy surround effects in games supporting A3D or EAX. But you’d better not use it when watching DVD movies. When activated, Sensaura notably increases the subwoofer volume level. To adjust the settings to your taste, use Aureon Control panel rather than the subwoofer control itself. The balance between the front and rear satellites is adjusted with Control panel fader, which is represented as a sphere.

We would like to point out a good implementation of audio effects in games. We had a demo program from Audigy2 left. We ran it with Aureon and were pleased to find out that TerraTec’s card correctly reproduces absolutely all EAX surround effects.

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