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Closer Look: TerraTec DMX 6fire Sound Card

This six-channel sound card is a solution for a sophisitcated user who has to work with top-end sound processing programs. This card can work with 24bit/96kHz parameters, is compatible with all standard API of surround effects and suits well for reproducing 3D audio effects in computer games. DMX 6fire supports DirectSound 3D as well as A3D, EAX and Sensaura. TerraTec says DMX 6fire is based on the EWX/EWS88 technology thus providing high sound quality at over 100dB SNR. The card comes with a commutation unit to be installed into a 5”-bay of the chassis (just like the Creative Audigy Drive from the Platinum set). This unit allows easy connection of various external audio devices (analog and digital devices, MIDI-peripherals, headphones, microphone and so on).

The following software comes with the card: Cyberlink 6-channel PowerDVD, Algorithmix Sound Laundry TerraTec Edition, Steinberg WaveLab Lite Ver.2.0, Musicmatch Jukebox, Emagic MicroLogic FUN.

DMX 6fire Control Panel

The Control Panel is divided into four sections containing groups of related settings.

In the Mixer section you can adjust signal amplification levels; current values are shown in decibels (0.1dB discrete step). Here the audio source for recording is also selected.

The type of the speaker system is set in the Surround section. Here you also set volume levels for the satellites and subwoofer and enable the Sensaura mode.

On enabling Sensaura, the user can use the fader to adjust sound sources panning. Note also that when you activate Sensaura 3D, the digital mode settings in the Settings window of the Control Panel become inactive.

This section mostly contains digital output settings. From this window you can go to advanced driver properties and set the card up for work in professional audio applications (ASIO/GSIF).

The About section provides information about the version of the installed driver, operation system and DirectX. With the only exception of the advanced ASIO panel, the DMX 6fire Control Panel is nearly identical to that of Aureon 7.1 Space. 
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