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Package and Accessories

The XFX multimedia gaming headset comes in a very solid plastic packaging, which is so well-built that it is actually not easy to open it and you have to see tools like scissors to do this. The box is not very large, it is just as big as ordinary packaging for headphones of that size.

The design of the box maintains traditional style of XFX and includes very bright explosion, or something like that. The box definitely catches eye of potential buyers in retail stores, as usually headphones are packed in a little more unpretentious way.

Given that the headset is mainly aimed at gamers, not audio enthusiasts or frequent music listeners, you are not going to find bags for CDs, golden-coated mini-jack connectors along with converters for jack connections inside the package. What you will find is the following:

The XFX Mindquake headset itself with external controller of volume and vibrations. The cord of the headset is pretty long, 2.5 meters, which should provide enough flexibility for the users.

A special USB cable that feeds the XFX FX-audio bass-shock engines that create vibration inside the headphones when low-frequency pumps emerge.

A special box where AAA batteries can be installed for the cases where there is no spare USB port, or it is not possible to use it.

While there is no bundle at all, the device comes ready to use. Being a very affordable product, the XFX multimedia gaming headset is definitely not expected to provide any free additions to itself.

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