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Design and Comfort

Both headphones of the XFX multimedia gaming headset can be used on left or right ears, as convenient to the particular user. Unfortunately, this means that there is not enough precision in their abutment to the ears and the head, but you should remember that the weight of the headset is not high and the abutment can be maintained pretty easily, as there is a flexible band between the phones.

On the other hand, the lack of proper marking between right and left earphones may cause you to wear them incorrectly, which means that you will not be able to experience accurate 3D positioning in games. In order not to find yourself in such situations, just take into account that the absolute majority of headsets have microphones on the left side.

The microphone that is attached to the phones using a very flexible “goose-neck” can also be set in whatever position the user likes very quickly.

The length of the cable the product uses is pretty long (2.5 meters) and should be enough for essentially everyone. We have to notice, however, that mini-jack plugs for microphone and headphones are attached to very thin cables, which are easy to damage.

Other cables that the headset uses are pretty flexible and not very thin. Nevertheless, XFX could make the product a little better by using a molded connection between the cable and the headset: this would improve durability of the connection. We would also suggest XFX to use retractable spiral cables between the input connectors and volume/bass controller. This would allow gamers to have fewer entangled cables on their desk and would be especially useful for LAN parties.

The length of the cable between the headset itself and volume/bass controller is just normal to use the controller with right or left hands.

A drawback that the Mindquake from XFX has is definitely relatively narrow diameter of earphones. This means that ears of a grown-up will be squeezed by the phones, which, in case the headset is used for several straight hours, causes pain and tiredness.

We would also like to point out that the device is built pretty well in generally. The built is very tidy and sometimes is even better compared to other phones in the price-range of $30: quality of plastic and cables is pretty high and brings fine feeling.

In general, the design and the impressions the device brings are pretty good, however, we noticed several drawbacks which fixing would be much appreciated by gamers.

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