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The online price for XFX XGear multimedia gaming headset is around $30 in the U.S., definitely not a lot for relatively high-quality headset with very impressive vibration feature.

If you are a typical gamer who wants some more realism for your games, the XFX XGear Mindquake is something that you may consider buying, as you are going to get very cool vibration effect in games, nice headphones and a microphone to talk to your friends using Skype, Vonage or other VoIP services.

If you are a music lover, buying the XFX XGear multimedia gaming headset is not particularly wise: even its name implies that it is firstly designed for gamers rather than music fans. Therefore, you probably should consider something else, or just acquire the Mindquake solely for gaming.

So, in overall, the XFX XGear multimedia gaming headset leaves a very good impression about itself, but we would remind you about some issues with its design that you should keep in mind when marking purchase decisions. On the other hand, for $30, this is probably one of the best options available on the market, and it also has remarkable vibration feature.

So, let’s sum up all the advantages and disadvantages of the product.


  • Well-built, good quality of materials
  • Nice quality of sound, good microphone for the price
  • Vibration effect
  • Long cables
  • No drivers needed to install
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible


  • Not very comfortable design of earphones
  • Thin cables in some cases
  • Some peculiarities of cables could be improved
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