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Actually, we might have predicted the arrival of multi-channel headphones. If people earn money on utterly useless inventions like flashlights on solar cells, then it’s possible to earn more on 5.1 headphones, the first model in the market! So, we have headphones with surround sound technology implemented. Let’s figure our how it works.

The Zalman ZM-RS6F is designed with an open acoustic enclosure. It is a known fact that some sounds are thrown to the outside in such headphones. Thus, the possible applications of such headphones are few. For example, it’s not advisable to use them in a noisy environment as external noises will seep into the earpieces; the contrary is true, too, as you can’t use them in places where silence is important (in sound recording studios and so on). Such headphones don’t suit for portable audio devices (audio players) either. So, there’s only one variant left – you can use them at home, with game consoles, DVD theaters and devices with a multi-channel audio output. Still, I think experienced users will prefer headphones of a higher class to enjoy high-quality audio. So, excluding this variant, too, we have arrived to the conclusion that the Zalman ZM-RS6F is for the market of game consoles with 3D sound. I think such a narrowly-limited application won’t tell well on the sales of this model. On the other hand, this device may become just fashionable or may make a good gift.

The Zalman ZM-RS6F has the freakish construction I’ve ever seen. Yes, the headphones look superb in their package, being an example of compactness. The caps are folded on the headband so the device takes the bare minimum of space. Similar versions are often offered by leading headphones manufacturers to DJs who are often monitoring sound with one ear. In this case, one cap is folded to the headband and its external part is equipped with a soft pad for comfort. Besides that, folded headphones often come with soft covers for storage and transportation. In our case, we have none of that: home users are the target auditory of the Zalman ZM-RS6F and they are not expected to take the headphones with them on the road. Thus, it turns out that the folded design of the headphones is useless in practice and only serves for fitting into the package.

A spring in the earpiece fastening would help – the earpiece is wobbly

The design of the earpieces and the headband is rather complex, but only offers two degrees of freedom because of the lack of ball swivels. The earpieces themselves are large leatherette pads wrapped over foam-rubber. They fully embrace your ears when you have the headphones on. Enclosures of this type are called circum-aural. You can easily remove them for service:

The enclosures are easily removable

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