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Overall, the headphones are easy to take apart: you only have to undo four screws to take a look at the innards of an earpiece.

There are three low-Ohm speakers in the earpiece

The central speaker is 32 Ohms, and the side speakers are
16 Ohms each

Parts of an earpiece

The earpiece hides three speakers: one 32 Ohms and two 16 Ohms. The acoustic chamber is shaped as three rooms. There are compensators of the sound pressure between the rooms and resonance bass ports by means of which the headphones can reproduce deep basses. Overall, for reaching the maximum realism, the ZM-RS6F features six speakers (three in each earpiece), although we all know that ordinary stereophonic headphones can also achieve 3D sound by using special sound-positioning technologies.

It should also be noted that the headphones don’t reproduce the low-frequency subwoofer channel at all. When reproducing a test signal (from the audio card’s Control Panel), which allows checking out the operability of all the channels of the connected speaker system (in our case, of the Zalman headphones), the subwoofer channel dropped out of the overall picture. Our subsequent “dissection” confirmed that the wire of this channel is simply cut in each earpiece. Thus, the 5.1 headphones turned to be 5.0 ones actually! J

Three jacks are in the front

A potential purchaser can see that the Zalman ZM-RS6F model is six-channel headphones right away – the appropriate connectors are nestled like in a storefront, labeled Front, Rear and Center. At the same time, the manufacturer deviates from the standard color-coding of the connectors. Zalman has its own colors: white for the front pair of speakers (instead of the ordinary green), gray for the rear speakers (instead of black) and black for the center (instead of orange). Still, you won’t have to refer to the manual to plug everything correctly: you can see letters F, R and C stamped on the connectors.

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