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I am personally very cautious about headphones from firms that are new to the field. Zalman just doesn’t have the rich experience of manufacturers like Sennheiser, Sony, Technics or Pioneer. At the same time, without doubt, the headphones from Zalman will enjoy a warm welcome in the gaming community as the main purpose of this model is in reproduction of sound when you can’t enable your speaker system. I’d like to warn you once again, though, that you should be wary of turning the volume to the maximum lest you become deaf.

When I was using the headphones, I often caught myself as if missing something. And yes, the ZM-RS6F would be better if it had a button to switch between Surround and Stereo modes. For example, this switch allows changing the Mono mode to Stereo and back in such specialized stereophonic headphones as the Pioneer SE-DJ5000. So why don’t they make a Surround/Stereo switch in a multi-channel model? I hope the engineering team from Zalman will consider my proposal in their future models, which are sure to appear. Among annoying trifles, I would mention the lack of a clip for the jointing cord, which many comfortable headphones models come with. Of course, this clip doesn’t affect the sound quality in any way, but it does affect the comfort of use.


  • Removable embouchures;
  • Long jointing cord.


  • No subwoofer channel (the wire is cut);
  • The color-coding of the connectors is unusual;
  • The folded design is practically useless;
  • No volume control on the cord.

Lastly, I would like to quote my friend, a DJ, “…any headphones, especially cheap ones, harm your ears”. Just remember that when you choose headphones for a long use.

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