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ASUS WL-600g All-in-1 Wireless ADSL2/2+ Home Gateway Review
[06/25/07 | by Platon Scheblykin]

Today we are going to talk about an ADSL modem/router from ASUS with USB 2.0 print/FTP server application and boosted gaming configuration! This is a unique solution, none of the competitors are currently offering anything like that. Let’s take a closer look at this device now!

ASUS AM604g Wireless ADSL 2+ Router and 4-Port Switch Review
[04/27/07 | by Platon Scheblykin]

The solution from ASUS we are going to talk about today provides Internet access over ADSL network with built-in 4-port Ethernet switch that directly connects up to four PCs without Ethernet switch/hub required, and it will not affect transmission performance. Read more in our review!

Linksys WRT300N: Wireless-N Broadband Router Review
[04/10/07 | by Platon Scheblykin]

WLAN users have long been looking forward to the release of the new-generation IEEE 802.11n standard. Today we are going to introduce to you a device supporting this standard - the WRT300N router from Linksys.

D-Link DI-824VUP+ Router Review
[12/05/06 | by Platon Scheblykin]

We have reviewed a popular wireless 802.11g VPN router that combines broadband internet access with reliable VPN firewall security, built-in print-server and 4-port connection for the printer and workstations. Check out our article for more details!

ASUS WL500g Premium Wireless Internet Router Review
[10/13/06 | by Platon Scheblykin]

Today we would like to introduce to you a new wireless router from ASUS that contains almost every feature you may require to deploy a small computer network. It is an excellent piece of hardware and definitely worth your consideration. Read more in our review!

TRENDnet TEW-611BRP: Wireless Router with Atheros Super G Turbo Technology
[05/24/06 | by Ilya Naumov]

Please meet an integrated solution that combines a 4-port Ethernet switch, IP router and Wi-Fi access point with support of hot technologies Super G and MIMO for higher wireless bandwidth and a wider signal range. Our tests proved that this is a very decent device that we can recommend for building home or small office network. Read the article for more details!

ASUS WL-500G Deluxe Wireless Router Review
[06/14/05 | by Alex Burn & Dr. Awk]

We would like to offer you a review of the wireless router from ASUS. Highly functional device with rich set of accessories and extensive setup options and support of advanced modern wireless protocols with their speed-boost extensions is worth every penny you pay for it. Read more in our detailed review!