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We performed our usual selection of tests: LAN data-transfer rate, WLAN data-transfer rate, ADSL bandwidth, WLAN module coverage. Here is a list of equipment and software we used in our tests:

  • Two Category 5 Ethernet cables
  • Intel Centrino notebook
  • TrendNet USB adapter
  • D-Link DAS-3224 IP DSLAM
  • PC based on a mainboard with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet controller
  • IxChariot (High_Performance_Throughput scenario)
  • Standard Windows XP WLAN client

Here are the results.


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When testing the WLAN connection we enabled WPA-PSK encryption with the TKIP algorithm.


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To test the bandwidth of the router’s ADSL interface we used a DAS-3224 IP DSLAM from D-Link. The appropriate DSLAM’s port was configured for EoA encapsulation, Fast channel type and AnnexM support, which allowed to transfer data with minimum latencies. The EoA encapsulation type corresponds to Bridge connection on the client device (AM604g). We left the physical connection parameters at their factory defaults. The connection quality was high, according to the DSLAM’s internal diagnostics.


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And finally we tested the router’s Wi-Fi interface bandwidth at different distances and with difference obstacles. We measured the signal level in five points:

Point 1: Near the AM604g

Point 2: At a distance of 4 meters without obstacles

Point 3: At a distance of 5 meters + two thin gypsum wallboards

Point 4: At a distance of 6 meters + one brick wall, about 30cm thick

Point 5: At a distance of 17 meters + one thin gypsum wallboard and one 30cm brick wall

So, the router shows good speed in every tested mode. Its ADSL speed might be better, but it is good already anyway. This is a second router from ASUS we’ve tested in our labs that boasts good, even excellent, speed characteristics. The coverage area of the wireless module is impressive, too. The almost straight graph is indicative of a good transmitter. You can’t really be sure about long-distance Wi-Fi connections, but the overall picture is clear.

The AM604g has successfully passed our tests. Its results are good for a mainstream device.

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