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We can’t compare the AM604g ADSL router with the models it has come to replace, so we can’t tell if it is any better than them. But we can say that the new router has its problems. Apart from minor flaws peculiar to this particular model, the main problem is firmware. Considering that it is a second device from ASUS in a row (the WL-500g Premium was the first one) to raise users’ complaints concerning the implementation of this or that function in its firmware, we can see a bad trend here. Coupled with the awkward setup interface, this spoils our overall impression from the AM604g. Hopefully, other network devices from ASUS will have better firmware.

Summing everything up, the AM604g is an exceptional device. It is an average ADSL router that certainly has got a lot of alternatives. The user should decide for himself if this router’s good performance makes up for its potential problems and inconvenient setup interface. The exterior design is a matter of personal taste, too. We wouldn’t recommend this router to people with limited knowledge of network technologies and everything ADSL-related. The abundance of fine-tuning options offered AM604g will be just confusing for them.


  • Stylish exterior design
  • Functional firmware
  • External console connector
  • Good speed


  • Inconvenient web interface
  • No integrated help on the router’s functions
  • Problems with the firmware
  • Improper position of the antenna
  • PCB elements become too hot at work
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