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Being a leading manufacturer of computer components, ASUS offers a very wide range of products from smartphones and graphics cards to servers and routers. It is no wonder that the company rolls out a new class of products under its brand now.

Today we are going to have a look at a home network attached storage device called ASUS TS mini. It is interesting for its hardware platform, which is x86, as well as for operating system. It's the first time we ever deal with Windows Home Server. These two factors promise high performance and versatility but there is an opinion that Linux-based solutions run better on low-end hardware platforms. So, we’ve got a few questions we are going to answer today: how good Windows Home Server is, what performance and functions it offers, and how good the ASUS TS mini is as a home NAS. As a matter of fact, the new device from ASUS can be viewed not only as a NAS but as a full-featured home server.

Box Contents

The TS mini comes in a rather large box measuring 35x31x17 centimeters. The packaging is robust enough and has a carry handle but its design is too uninformative. There is but a sticker with the model's part number on the box, so it is hard to tell at a glance what this thing actually is and can do. The manufacturer seems to regard this product just as a regular computer.


Besides the server, the box contains an external power adapter (19 V, 4.74 A) with cable, a LAN cable, a quick installation leaflet, a full user manual, and discs with software.

One disc contains an OS image for recovery purposes and another has client software to install various services on client PCs. The third disc has a bootable image to fully restore a PC using backup data stored on the TS mini.

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