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System Settings

We will use this section of our review to describe the Settings menu available in the server management console. The General tab is where you can set up the internal clock, choose your region and OS update mode.

The Backup page is for setting up the built-in data backup system for client PCs. You can specify the time period for the system to work in (from midnight to 6 a.m. by default) and the number of copies to keep (the factory default is three last daily copies, three weekly copies and three monthly copies).

The next menu tab allows you to change the admin password and set the required user password complexity (it will be enforced whenever a new user is created or a user password is changed).

We will talk about Windows Media Center integration below. The TS mini can make media files from shared folders publicly available. You can use the menu to enable this for existing folders with photos, music and video.

The server allows you to access files and settings via your browser for remote management. The administrator must turn this option on and the server will check out whether this feature is available and will set your router up if it supports UPnP. You can also specify the domain name here using Microsoft’s service (you must have a LiveID).

New features can be added by installing ready-made software packages. Our TS mini came with ASUS WebStorage WHS Connector and ASUS Xtor Manager. There are only two things you can do with packages: to install and to uninstall.

The last page of the main menu gives you some information about the server like the OS version, device name, CPU model, RAM amount, and versions of software modules.

The default menu can be extended by add-in packages that get a dedicated page in it (like ASUS WebStorage, for example).

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