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Menu Options: IP Config

The settings in the WAN&LAN submenu concern the wired section:

  • WAN Connection Type: the WL-500G Deluxe supports five connection types, namely Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, Automatic IP and BigPond (Telsra), and the other items may be inaccessible depending on the type of connection chosen.
  • WAN Connection Speed: select from several options besides the default Auto Negotiation.
  • WAN IP Setting: set up the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway.
  • WAN DNS Settings: automatically receive the addresses of DNS servers or input the addresses from your provider.
  • PPPoE or PPTP Account: enter the user name and password and the idle-time-before-disconnect-from-the-provider, MRU and MTU, and choose if you want to use multi-session PPPoE. These options are available if you’ve selected PPPoE or PPTP as the connection type.
  • Special Requirement from ISP: additional parameters required by some providers, namely the host name and the MAC address.
  • LAN IP Setting: set up the IP address, subnet mask and host name as the WL-500G Deluxe will be visible in the local network.

The DHCP Server submenu contains such settings of the DHCP server as domain name, address pool (up to 254 addresses), address lease time, DNS and WINS server settings, and the option of choosing IP addresses manually in a list according to the MAC addresses.

The Route submenu allows setting up static routing for both LAN and WAN sections.

The Miscellaneous submenu contains various additional parameters:

  • Enable UPnP: the router will be automatically detected and set up by the OS that supports Universal Plug & Play technology;
  • Remote Log Server: event logging on an external server. The router’s own log can keep up to 1024 entries;
  • Time Zone;
  • NTP Server: the WL-500G Deluxe can synchronize from a remote time server;
  • Dynamic DNS Settings.

Menu Options: NAT Setting

The Port Trigger submenu allows opening specific TCP or UDP ports (or a range of ports) for connecting to computers attached to the WL-500G Deluxe.

The Virtual Server submenu allows setting the router up so that such servers as WWW or FTP available on the local network would also be available to remote users outside the LAN.

In the Virtual DMZ submenu you can set up forwarding of all incoming packets from the Internet to one computer (by providing its IP address), which can be useful if some of your applications use uncertain input ports.

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