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ASUS has only done half the job once again. The WL-600g would be a spotless device if it were not for a few annoying flaws. The router’s firmware doesn’t reveal the potential of its hardware section. The burned-out power adapter added more negative emotions, even though it was a defect of the particular sample. On the other hand, the drawbacks of the WL-600g may seem insignificant to some users while its high speed characteristics and the USB ports are strong arguments in its favor. Anyway, the WL-600g is better used at home as you can hardly do without a print-server at work.

What about the question we asked in the Introduction? What is better, a WL-500g Premium plus an ADSL modem or a WL-600g? We guess the WL-500g Premium is better. Yes, its official firmware isn’t far better than the WL-600g’s and its capabilities are roughly similar to the latter’s, but it seems preferable right now. It offers excellent alternative firmware, it offers the opportunity to organize two WAN connections, and it provides rich hardware resources that allow to enhance its functionality using Linux-based software. The WL-600g cannot do anything of this, unfortunately. And even if you don’t use the alternative firmware, the official firmware of the WL-500g Premium offers an interesting bonus called Download Master. Downloading files without your PC is worth the couple of dozen dollars which you have to pay for a cheap ADSL modem. The small advantage of the WL-600g in the wireless connection tests does not mean much as the difference is negligible at normal use. Comparing the routers with runners, we can say that they went off from the same starting line, but the WL-500g Premium has gone far ahead of the WL-600g and the latter still cannot catch up with the leader.


  • Excellent performance
  • USB 2.0 ports
  • EZ Setup
  • Firmware Restoration
  • Connection to the router via telnet, SSH and SNMP
  • Turn-off switch at the back panel
  • FTP server
  • Good coverage area of the WLAN module


  • Some setup options are missing (particularly, in the ADSL and WAN sections)
  • Pages with settings are too fragmented
  • Unreliable print-server
  • Defective power adapter (this is a defect of our particular sample, yet it is annoying anyway)
  • Low speed of the FTP server
  • Some settings can only be changed manually via a settings file you save to your disk
  • Does not work with AnnexM
  • Dull indication that is downright invisible at a large viewing angle
  • Hang-ups on reconnect
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