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End-users will certainly benefit from the arrival of a new brand to the market of top-end NASes which seems to be in a kind of stagnation because there are rather few brands on it and there are already no performance-related problems. The extra features offered by today’s NASes are even redundant for most users but prices remain at a very high level. Perhaps ASUSTOR will be able to change this situation although its pricing policy seems to be not much different from the others. And if the price is the same, we should have a closer look at technical specs.

The AS-604T is flawless in terms of manufacturing quality. It’s got an excellent case with handy controls and indicators, efficient ventilation and practical matte plastic exterior. Its hardware platform is quite advanced, featuring eSATA, USB 3.0 and HDMI and offering memory upgrade opportunities.

Although it’s a recently released product, its firmware is functional and offers all the capabilities you can expect to find a modern NAS. There is a broad choice of extra software modules. Besides conventional services such as file downloading, backup copying, multimedia streaming and video surveillance, it offers applications for hosting websites, blogs and forums, developer tools, ecommerce systems and many others. The Boxee module can even transform it into a full-featured media player. The AS-604T offers all the performance you can expect from its hardware platform and can be recommended for home, SOHO and SMB users.

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