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The next group of settings is called Tools and contains options pertaining to the router’s web-interface and firmware. On the Admin page you can set up the opportunities of access to the router’s settings.

There are two levels of privileges: the user level allows to view the settings and the admin level allows to change them. You can also enter an IP address from which it will be possible to administer the router.

The router’s internal date and time are specified on the Time page.

The System page allows to save all the router’s settings into a file, load them from a file or reset all the settings to the factory defaults.

To update the router’s firmware, go to the Firmware page:

The Misc page contains settings that don’t fit into the other pages.

Here you can enable support for UPnP, assign a non-standard port for the FTP-server, protect the router from DoS attacks, ping different addresses, etc.

The Status group shows all the events that have happened on the router as well as the status of all the active services and connections.

The Device Info page shows information about the main interfaces of the DI-824VUP+. The Log page is keeping a log of all of the device’s activities. You can enable notifications to be sent via e-mail or SNMP to the administrator. The Stats page is counting up traffic for each of the network interfaces in packets. The list of all the connected Wi-Fi devices is shown on the Wireless page. The VPN Status page shows the status of all the tunnels of the integrated VPN-server. The Active Sessions page shows all the NAT sessions.

Summarizing this section of the review, I should acknowledge that the router’s web-interface is very good. Every necessary option can be found quickly while the integrated Help system simplifies the setup procedure greatly. Of course, there are some points you could find fault with (like the page-by-page log and the firewall you cannot disable), yet the interface is very well designed overall. I also want to single out the fact that every process, like saving the settings or updating the firmware, is performed very quickly.

Pages: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 ]


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