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I performed one more test of the external network to evaluate the router’s ability to work with multiple connections simultaneously. It is important for such applications as p2p networks and, especially, torrent networks. For this test I created a pair in IxChariot using the Throughput scenario in which I changed the file_size parameter from 100000 to 1000000. Then I began to increase the number of pairs by replicating them until there were errors during the test. I stopped at 123 which was quite good for a home router.

The wireless connection in draft 802.11n mode was tested using WPA2 PSK encryption with the AES algorithm. These security settings are the default ones in the draft version of the new standard and are likely to remain such in the final version, too I used the most recent drivers for all the Wi-Fi adapters.

The diagram suggests that the Linksys adapter is an all-around winner. This indicates good compatibility between the equipment and good qualities of the card itself. By the way, as I found out during my tests the positioning of the antenna relative to the router was very important. The results would differ greatly depending on it. So, I oriented the adapters’ antennas towards the router in every WLAN test. And I guess the wrong positioning in space was the main reason for the poor results of the PCI adapter.

Finally I tested the router’s coverage at different distances and with different obstacles. This tested was performed with the different Wi-Fi adapters, excepting the DWA-552. I measured the signal level in five points:

Point 1: Near the DIR-655
Point 2: At a distance of 4 meters without obstacles
Point 3: At a distance of 5 meters + two thin gypsum wallboards
Point 4: At a distance of 6 meters + one brick wall, about 30cm thick
Point 5: At a distance of 17 meters + one thin gypsum wallboard and two 30cm brick walls

Here are the results:

In this test, on the contrary, the card from D-Link is better than the WPC300N. Although it is slower in speed, its graph is smoother which is more important here.

So, the router’s test results are good but I’ll wait for the results of other similar routers to make up my final opinion. Right now I can only say that the router provides enough bandwidth for deploying a small network with all the modern networking features.

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