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The DSM-G600 is not a router, so we won’t have too many tests today. Here is a list of equipment and software we used to perform the testing:

  • Category 5e Ethernet cable
  • Intel Centrino notebook
  • Linksys WPC54g v3.5 PC Card
  • Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 hard disk drive (ATA-100, 400GB)
  • 2.5” Toshiba HDD in a USB enclosure (20GB)
  • IOMeter
  • FlashFXP FTP manager
  • Windows XP standard WLAN client

Unfortunately, we couldn’t test the DSM-G600’s integrated media-server due to the lack of a UPnP player, so our tests concern the NAS functionality of the device such as network disk and FTP server.

We first benchmarked the bandwidth of the internal HDD. We mounted it in Windows as a network disk and launched IOMeter. The test was performed according to the program’s documentation with two different patterns. One pattern was meant to show the maximum number of operations performed per second and used 512-byte blocks. The other pattern helped determine the maximum bandwidth of the disk and performed reading in 64KB data blocks. For both patterns we disabled random access to the disk and selected read-only mode, which corresponded to the file-server mode according to the developers of IOMeter.


512-Byte pattern

64-KB pattern

Transactions per Second



Total MBps



Average Response Time



The results are not excellent, but acceptable. Unfortunately, we didn’t have another device similar to the DSM-G600 for comparison, but it’s clear that the speed is high enough for using media content stored on the DSM-G600.

Next we tested the speed of downloading files via FTP. Besides the internal HDD we also used an external USB drive for this test. We couldn’t use it in the previous test as it was formatted in NTFS (i.e. it was available only for reading whereas IOMeter had to create its own file on the tested disk). We downloaded a 700MB DivX movie and watched for the speed reported by FlashFXP when the download was complete.

Disk drive

Loading speed ( MB/s)



External USB


The DSM-G600 passed this test successfully, too. Each disk showed a high data-transfer speed for its class.

Finally we tested the device’s bandwidth when accessed via Wi-Fi. The DSM-G600 worked as an access point. We established a secure WPA-PSK connection with TKIP encoding and measured the bandwidth in five points:

Point 1: Near the DSM-G600
Point 2: At a distance of 4 meters without obstacles
Point 3: At a distance of 5 meters + two thin gypsum wallboards
Point 4: At a distance of 6 meters + one brick wall, about 30cm thick
Point 5: At a distance of 17 meters + one thin gypsum wallboard and one 30cm brick wall

The results are excellent. The data-transfer speed is very high for 802.11g, and the coverage zone was uniform and large.

Summarizing the tests, the DSM-G600 has done very well in each of them. It is a fast NAS device.

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