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Now let’s get back a little and see what electronics the DSM-600 has. We had to take the PCB out of the case, having first removed the HDD bracket that was fastened to the PCB via rubber shock-absorbers. It takes undoing four screws that go through the PCB and the shock-absorbers and two screws the ground wires from the bracket are fastened to the PCB with.


Now that we have the PCB in our hands we can examine it closely. The large green piece of textolite is loaded with components uniformly. There is a chip (the Gigabit Ethernet switch) even under the WLAN module which is connected to the main PCB via a miniPCI connector. The components are installed very neatly, yet not quite properly. Although the main PCB has a free seat for a flash memory chip, such a chip is installed on the reverse side of the PCB together with a second RAM chip.

The DSM-G600 contains quite a lot of electronic chips. Its B revision uses a processor with the Power PC architecture manufactured by Freesale. It is the MPC8241 model, based on the MPC603e core. Here are some of its characteristics we took from the manufacturer’s website:

  • 66-266 MHz RISC processor core
  • Cache (KB) 32 I/O
  • Operating Voltage - Max (V) 3.3
  • 32-bit PCI interface operating at up to 66 MHz
  • Memory controller offering SDRAM support up to 133 MHz operation, support up to 2 GB
  • General Purpose I/O and ROM Interface Support
  • Two-channel DMA controller that supports chaining
  • Messaging unit with I2O messaging support capability
  • Industry-standard I2C interface
  • Programmable interrupt controller with multiple timers and counters
  • 16550 compatible DUART

Here, the processor works with 32MB of memory in two 16MB M12L128168A chips from Elite Semiconductor Memory.

The firmware is stored in the 4MB S29GL032M90 flash memory chip from Spansion.

ACARD’s ATP865 controller is responsible for the installed HDD. It supports two IDE channels with RAID capability, but you can only attach one disk to it in the DSM-G600.

The USB functionality of the DSM-G600 is provided by the D720101GJ controller from the famous NEC. This controller supports up to five USB 2.0 ports, only two of which are employed here.

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