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Following our habitual practice when testing a new device, we didn’t install the driver included with the DWA-142 but searched for the latest version at the D-Link website. It was version 1.30. The driver comes with a wireless connection manager that is meant to replace the standard Windows manager. D-Link’s version is not far superior in terms of functionality, though. In fact, it only has a nicer appearance and a friendlier interface.

When started up the program shows a Wireless Networks tab. This tab displays all the wireless networks found. You can connect to one of them or select a network from the list of connection profiles (My Wireless Networks). Also on this tab you can enable the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) to transfer settings in encrypted form from the router.

The program’s second screen, My Wireless Networks, is an extended version of the same-name list on the first tab. Particularly you can edit parameters of the connection profiles. You can also open a small Help system from the manager’s window that will give you instructions on how to start out about setting up a wireless network.

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