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Advanced Settings Group

The Advanced Settings group offers setup options for the router’s network services. First goes QoS. There are enough parameters for nearly any traffic prioritization setup.

Next go NAT-related settings. The NAT submenu contains links to pages where you can set up the addresses of virtual servers, port triggering (Special Application) and static routing. These are all rather standard settings. The UPnP page allows to enable the namesake protocol. The ALG Settings is where you can select specific applications to enable NAT support for.

The next group of settings is called Firewall. As you can guess, you can configure the router’s firewall service here. The first two pages – Access Control and URL Blocking – are quite standard for most SOHO routers: you can block specific clients by MAC and IP addresses or by URLs.

However, there is one page, called DoS, with settings that can be but rarely seen in home devices. They help prevent a DoS attack. The BR-6574n offers protection against all major types of DoS attacks and you can also set up the parameters of each type of protection manually.

On the DDNS page of the Advanced Settings group you can enable the appropriate service by entering your DDNS account parameters. The list of DDNS providers is very extensive, longer than in any other router we have tested so far.

The Port Forwarding page is a separate item in the Advanced Settings group. We don’t quite understand why it is not included into the NAT group.

The last page in the Advanced Settings group is DMZ. You can redirect all requests to a specific external address to an appropriate computer on the router’s LAN. This feature is implemented very well here. You can put a few machines into DMZ (not one machine as with most other home routers) and assign multiple external addresses to one local machine.

Summing everything up, the BR-6574n is quite a functional device. Although its web-interface is far from user-friendly, the setup options are indeed extensive like in every other product from Edimax we have tested.

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