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It is hard for us to evaluate the BR-724 objectively because we haven’t tested other devices of this type yet. This router is not the only model with two WAN ports available on the market and we hope to test other such devices soon. We can appreciate the BR-724 basing on some general requirements to home network equipment, though.

One fact against the BR-724 is that it is very slow. Of course, it is the slow processor that limits the router’s bandwidth. It is quite a common thing when the developer wants to put all the subunits into one chip. Such solutions often have mediocre performance. Is it compensated by functionality? We guess it is. Few developers manage to squeeze so many functions into such small firmware as in this model.

The BR-724 is obviously a niche product because the problems it can solve do not usually arise before an ordinary user. It will be a good buy for people who want to establish home hosting as well as for those who want to combine two external channels at home (or in the office) especially if one of the channels is ADSL.


  • Two WAN ports
  • Highly functional firmware
  • User-friendly web-interface
  • Metallic case


  • Low bandwidth
  • Uninformative help system
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