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Advanced Configuration

The next menu item is called Advanced Configuration. Nearly all of the router’s network services are set up here. The first page of this section is called Host IP. Here, individual machines on the router’s local network are specified so that they could be identified later for various purposes (e.g. to reserve IP addresses).

On the Routing page you can enable dynamic routing and fill in a static route table.

The Virtual Server page contains an editable list of machines on the local network that are going to be visible from the outside via certain protocols.

The Special Application page is where you can define ranges of ports that will be open for specific applications.

The Dynamic DNS page is for entering the parameters of your DDNS account.

The Multi DMZ page is especially interesting. You can set up not one, as in most SOHO routers, but several servers in a DMZ. And you can specify arbitrary external IP addresses for each WAN port individually.

The UPnP Setup page allows establishing UPnP connections via the router.

NAT service parameters are specified on the NAT Setup page.

The BR-724 allows you to view its ARP cache and add static records into it. You can do this on the ARP Status page.

The Advanced Feature page offers infrequently used settings such as port binding.

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